I was born and raised in South Louisiana, but my adulthood has been a series of sojourns beyond the swamps: through cities such as San Francisco, Boston, and now New York. In that time I’ve produced a wide body of work as a photographer, web designer, videographer and editor (including work for PBS & MTV). Somehow along the way, I also managed to get a master’s degree in psychology, and spent some time as a counselor working with adolescents in a hardscrabble Boston suburb. But through these varied work experiences and my years-long process of Yankee-fication, I’ve always kept web design as my mainstay. It’s a profession that harnesses the best of both my technical and creative sides. And my other skills in fields like photography, audio & video, and even psychology help round it out, ensuring that what I provide for clients is more than just code — it’s effective communication.



  • Web Design: HTML / CSS, PHP, Javascript
  • Photography: Events, portraiture, fine art / landscape
  • Graphic Design: Books, logos and branding, business cards, brochures, wedding materials, and more


  • BA, Photography
  • BA, Sound Arts / Multimedia
  • MA, Psychology
  • Certifications: HTML, CSS, MySQL


    • Manhattan, NYC
    • Reading: “The Freud Reader”
      Previously: Susan Sontag, “On Photography” 


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