1. Added a few new photos from last winter & fall to the gallery. Uploads have been delayed for the usual reasons: a) shooting on 35mm film, b) being somewhat control-freakish about scanning it myself, but also c) having a larger-than-usual backlog.

New photos may be more forthcoming soon, now that I’ve largely switched over to a full frame digital camera. I’m still attached to the grainy, almost-impressionistic look (and the je ne sais quio) that film imparts, but I’ve also begun to discover the Nikon d610’s idiosyncratic charms. I still, though, find myself shooting Polaroids (using Impossible Project film) with the same enthusiasm, so I’ll be keeping one foot in the analog world.

2. Just finished a website for the education leader Paul Perry, who put me through my paces in terms of design bells & whistles.  It was an interesting exercise in compiling a lot of disparate textual information into a single-page scrolling format, which I think more commonly lends itself to a flowing narrative, short blurbs and lots of icons and other graphical elements. The solution was to make the longer text passages expandable & collapsible, and to use graphic adornment (such as company / organization logos) wherever possible. He also came up with the idea of embedding his LinkedIn profile, which I think might be a good option for those looking to incorporate a dynamic resume into their personal websites.