New Environment


Welcome to the long-overdue revamp of my website. For this latest iteration, I’m going with a lighter-weight, database-free framework inspired by the recommendations of my fellow developers on

This article expresses my sentiments pretty well re: the reasons to ditch my old platform (a certain widely used, database-driven CMS) and move to a static site generator. Here’s another that lays out the advantages and disadvantages of the new approach. I for one will not miss all the unnecessary bloat, the hosting charges, or the need to constantly update dependencies (which, often enough, has the effect of breaking a site). Nor will I miss the constant stream of brute-force hacking attempts.

The technical details: I’m building the site using Hugo, with deployment and hosting via Netlify. The weather feed comes via the OpenWeatherMap API, and the recently played songs feed uses the API.

Other things I’ll be getting to soon: a gallery of some of my better photos, a running news page featuring articles that have caught my attention, and I’ll probably also hook in some other feeds of interest. Stay tuned.